10 Piece Unicorn USB Cable Protector

My Unicorn Farm

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Unicorn Cable Protectors

Have you plugged your phone into the charger only to find out you phone won't charge because your cable is broken? Those delicate wires inside the cable casing pull apart so easily. These cute colorful unicorn USB cord protectors go a long way to keep your cable safe and working and certainly turn a boring old cord into a unicorn farm on a string! 

Do you sometimes lose your phone charger cord because it’s hiding in your bag, in plain sight, with all the other computer cords and gadgets? Or because it looks like every other cord you don’t know what cable belongs to what item? Not anymore! Just look at these little guys! Not only do they look like colorful candy, but their unique design you never have to wonder if it’s your cable and they are easy to spot in that jumbled up mess of computer gadgets?


Product Length: Approx 1.3”
Product Type: Unicorn & Friends
Style: Cartoon Unicorn
Material: Rubber and Plastic
Package: Yes

Let's face it we all have that one geek friend or relative who knows absolutely EVERYTHING about tech gadgets and we NEVER know what to get them for birthdays or Christmas. This is your perfect gift and best of all its unique and at this price you'll have money over for the card!

Time to be the cool mom or dad for once and get the cutest gift for your unicorn loving kid this is the cutest and coolest gift and it won’t break the bank!