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SKU: 5755029-4gb-red

Unicorn USB Flash Drives

Not all USB drives are created equal and these cute colorful unicorn USB drives certainly prove that. Do you sometimes lose your flash drive because it’s hiding in your bag, in plain sight with all the other computer cords and gadgets? Or because all USB's look alike you don’t know whose drive belongs to whom? You have to plug it in and look at the files just to see which drive or whose drive you have? Well all that can change! Just look at these unique, fun little guys! Not only do these unicorn UBS’s look like colorful candy toys, but their unique design hides that they are even USB drives. PLUS you never have to wonder if it’s your USB and they are easy to spot in that jumbled up mess of computer gadgets and I'll bet nobody else has unicorn USB drives so of course you know which is yours!

We are all out of the smaller meg sizes but there are still 4,8,16,32 and 64 GIGS to choose from. 


Interface Type: USB 2.0
Time to market: May-13
Product Weight: 20G
Product Type: Unicorn & Friends
Storage capacity: 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB
Style: Cartoon
Model Number: USB 2.0
Material: Silicone
Encryption: No